Alfred Lerner Hall Cafe 212        New York, NY        Columbia University       2,000 SF

Associated Architects:                   Body Lawson Associates

MEP Engineers:                                  Lizardos Engineering

Kitchen Consultants:                      Partners By Design

Media Consultant:                           10 Foot Digital

Cafe 212 is a public eating establishment located on the campus level of the university. The clients have requested to remodel the interior as part of a refresh campaign that will enable the space to reflect current student activity life and uses. The newly design space will enable programmatically designed functions to include equipment and technology that will enhance performance while not reducing services. The kitchen design is inclusive to include an Asian themed station and bakery.

Cafe 212 will promote a casual lounging experience while providing flexible seating arrangements that enables mobility and social interaction. This redesigned space will increase the current occupancy to include maximizing ADA seating.

1407 Broadway, Suite 1714 New York, NY 10018    |    646.783.2408   |

1407 Broadway, Suite 1714 New York, NY 10018    |   646.783.2408  |

@Copyright 2020 RGITECT

@Copyright 2020 RGITECT